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Crop bound

Birds that are properly fed are never affected with this trouble, but occasionally a parrot is neglected and left without food for some time until it becomes very hungry, and then given dry corn, rice or other foods which swell greatly when moistened. The bird eats too much of it and it swells in the crop which becomes un­duly distended and therefore incapable of ful­filling its natural functions.

A bird in this con­dition usually sits with feathers ruffled up, refuses to eat and the saliva falls from its mouth. On examination, the crop will be found greatly dis­tended. Sometimes a dose of castor oil is suffi­cient. Kneading the crop with the fingers will help to dislodge the food.

We have known some cases where a veterinary surgeon had been called in and a small external incision made and the contents of the crop removed. Of course such an operation requires care. It is not a difficult operation, but the wound must be sewed up and smeared with calendula salve or some other heal­ing ointment.