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Windpipe worm

This is a small worm quite similar to the gape worm, which affects chickens. It is a mischievous parasite, which adheres to the inside of the throat and burrows into the mucous membrane of the larnyx or windpipe.

They in­crease in numbers very rapidly and sometimes succeed in suffocating the bird. When affected with this complaint the bird has a peculiar cough, throwing the head, about with open beak and gasping for air.

Fumigating with carbolic acid will help to kill them off, but it is usually necessary to apply some remedy direct to the worms. There is a small instrument known as a gape worm ex­tractor, sold by poultry supply dealers, but it will answer about as well to take a stiff feather dip it in turpentine and pass it into the throat, twisting it around several times and jerking it out, thus dislodging the worms.

After this, it is well to give the parrot a little olive oil or honey. Feeding garlic has been recommended by some as an infallible cure.