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This bird which is about the size of a small blackbird is one of the most common birds throughout Europe and frequently kept as a cage bird on account of his handsome plumage, docile manner, pleasing song and his ability to repeat short sentences and whistle tunes.

The bird is of a purplish black color. The breast however, varies from purplish red to shining green. Feathers of the head and neck have a rosy red color, thus giving the bird a decidedly spotted appearance. Their food is largely insects, snails, and fruit. It is an excellent cage pet, being tract­able and learns readily, imitating the human voice, the song of birds, and domestic animals.

They have not a retentive memory, however, and must hear the same sound frequently in order to continue repeating it. The bird is more of a songster than any other of the same species and will readily learn to whistle tunes.