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Panama Parrot

The Panama parrots are little known throughout the eastern part of this country, but a few years ago when traveling in California we found that they were the favorite parrot along the Pacific coast, where they are considered as decidedly the best talkers. They are quite large when full grown, being about fifteen inches long, of a dark green color throughout, except that as they grow older there will sometimes be a yellow spot de-velop on the back of the head. The beak is usu­ally black.

They are imported from the western coast of Panama, and also to some extent from Gautemala. They are of a more quiet, gentle disposition than most other parrots. They are quite imitative, easily taught, and become great favorites. Some specimens show markings of bluish green on the head.

We have had many of these parrots during the past six or seven years, and they seem to be more hardy and less affected with colds and disease than any other species, and there are few com­plaints of their dying unless it is from sheer care­lessness on the part of the owner.