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Other talking birds

There are two distinct classes of birds which have the power of articulation or imitating the human speech.

The psittacidae or parrot family which consists of Parrots, Macaws, Yaroquets, Lories and Cockatoos.

The second consists of the cordivae and to this belong the Magpies, Ravens, Crows, Rooks, and Jackdaws, to which may be added the common Starling and the Minor which both belong to the class of birds scientifically known as sturnidae, and also the common Blue Jay.

This other class is generally not as interesting to most people, as they are very rarely kept in confinement in this country and they are not as, handsome, desirable birds, black being their characteristic color.

They also sub­sist largely on insects, worms and meat, and they usually have an objectionable odor when kept in captivity. It is a remarkable feature of this fam­ily of birds that they are capable of learning to ­speak with great distinctness and accuracy, and they can also be taught to perform many amusing tricks.

All the birds of this class seem to bc natural born thieves and delight in carrying away and hiding not only pieces of meat, bones and other food, but if allowed their liberty around the house will hide jewelry and trinkets in such a manner that they frequently remain undiscovered for a long time.