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Mule canaries

Canaries may be mated with a great many other varieties of birds. The principal ones being the Goldfinch, Linnet, Bullfinch, Siskin and Chaffinch, and they have even been mated with English sparrows. The most important of the crosses is that with the Goldfinch; either male or female Goldfinch may be used in mating, the crosses are ordinarily made by using female canaries. The result of these crosses is a very prettily marked bird and the song is often of superior quality.

They are quite free singers and owing to their bright merry ways and attractive plumage they are really a desirable bird. In making the cross it is well to use a clear light yellow female canary so as to overcome the dark colors of the goldfinch. The male linnet when mated with the canary produces a bird which usually has dark greenish plumage and they are superb songsters learning to imitate the notes of other birds quite readily.

It has frequently been stated that all mule birds are superior to either of their parents in plumage and song. While this is sometimes, perhaps frequently the case, still you are not advised to attempt any such crosses farther than that of the goldfinch or linnet with the canary as there are a score of chances against success and "more plague than profit" will probably be the result.