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Parrots in captivity have no regu­lar time for moulting, but are liable to moult at any season of the year, and sometimes they live for several years without a change of feathers. Some birds do not drop the large feathers of the tail and wings easily, and especially if the feath­ers have been broken it is necessary to remove them. Do not, however, pull all the feathers at once, better pull two or three and then wait a week or so before pulling more, as the pulling of feathers is a painful operation for the bird and sometimes causes severe bleeding.

Be careful te never pull out or break off a newly sprouting feather. If, however, an old parrot maintains a good plumage for several years, there is no reason to worry about it.

Unless it is a baby bird just experiencing its first moult, they should during the moulting sea­son have water daily and also a variety of fresh green food. It is a good plan to plant corn for a week or so until it sprouts and then pull it up root and all and give it to the bird. They will also eat cooked potato, apple and other vegetables and green stuff. A pod of red pepper or a piece of raw onion will also act as a tonic. Care should be taken that the bird is kept warm and fed once a day some soft food made hot with cayenne pep­per.