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These are quite different in appearance from the ordinary varieties of parrots, and are the most magnificent and largest of the parrot species. They will attract more attention and interest than any other bird, and are noted for their beauty and intelligence.

There are eight varieties, which differ greatly from each other in color, but all are natives of South and Central America. The following described varieties are the only ones brought to this country to any extent. They are usually quite satisfactory, as they are quite healthy, hardy and good tempered.

The Royal Scarlet Macaw is the most gorgeous colored of any bird with which we are acquainted, as well as the largest of the parrot family. The head, neck, breast, and tipper part of the back are of a most brilliant scarlet, the wings are dark indigo blue with some feathers of yellow and green, and the feathers of the neck and upper. part of the back have a greenish tinge.

The tail coverts are of sky blue. The wings are inter­mingled green, blue, and red, and sometimes have a wide stripe of yellow across the upper part. On cheeks and surrounding the eye there is a naked flesh-colored patch which looks as though powdered with white flour.

The beak is very large, prominent and of a clear horn color, some­times black at the point and along the edges, the lower mandible also being dark colored. Their beaks are very powerful. While they are usu­ally chained to a perch, still it is hard to fasten the chain securely enough to hold them, as they can break or pull apart all ordinary fastenings.

These birds are quite voracious and do not fail to let you know when they are hungry by means of loud squawks.

While they are not considered of equal talking ability to the ordinary parrots, still they are of a high grade of intelligence and learn to repeat many words and sentences. They should always be liberally supplied with hemp, sunflower, padda and corn, and enjoy a feeding once a day of some moist food, such as stale bread, toast or crackers soaked in coffee or scalded milk. They are also very fond of all kinds of nuts. They, require comparatively little water to drink, but they en­joy a warm shower bath.

The Blue and Yellow Macaw is of similar size to the above, but is of a prevailing shade of bluish green color on its head, back and wings, slightly tinted with green.

The upper throat is of a dusky black, below which, and under the entire body it, is of deep chrome yellow, shaded to orange. They are not as highly prized as the scarlet variety, though we have had some specimens which were excellent talkers.

The Green Macaw is somewhat smaller than the above, being only about two feet in length. The prevailing color of the entire body is grass green. Over the forehead there is a band of bright red feathers, the tail feathers are very long and somewhat mottled with blue and red. It is not equal to above varieties in talking ability, but it repeats what few words it learns in a very clear, distinct voice.