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Hartz Mountain canaries

Hartz Mountain Canaries one of the most popular canaries throughout all parts of the world. We consider them the most satisfactory bird for the people. They are bred by the peasants in ordinary living rooms, high up among the Hartz Mountains of Germany, and these birds are very hardy, even more so than the American-bred canaries. They are famous for their clear, pure, beautiful song. The music of the Hartz Mountain birds is a restful melody and they endear themselves by their cheery song, bright plumage and active ways.

They are perfectly happy in the cage, require very little care, and if properly attended to, are free from diseases. While there is a variety of colors, most of the Hartz Mountain canaries are somewhat mottled with dark greenish brown, though many of the birds are clear yellow; a few of them have crests or topknots. Many persons prefer the dark spotted birds, claiming that they are more hardy and as a rule better singers than those which are all yellow, but in our experience we have found very little difference in this regard. In the canary breeding section of Germany almost every family keeps a few cages of these birds, or has a room devoted to their breeding.

There are very few harsh notes in the song of the Hartz Mountain canary. His voice is mellow, clear and full of variety, there being quite a difference in the compass of the voice of different specimens, some being higher in tone than others. A musician will often be enabled to classify his birds; some have soprano, some alto, tenor or contralto, and there are still others which have a wide compass from high to low, the difference in the voice resulting largely from the different methods pursued by the breeders, each of the large breeders being specially anxious to obtain certain desirable characteristics in the voices of his birds, and in this way secure a reputation of breeding birds of special merit which will entitle them to prizes in the various bird exhibitions, and also to higher prices on the market.

The natural song of the Hartz Mountain canary is varied by the occasional notes of the nightingale or other trained singers. Some of the best canary breeders keep a nightingale or trained canary in
the room to which the young birds are sent as soon as old enough to leave the nest, and this improves the voice of the young birds greatly.

It requires sharp eyes and good judgment to be able to distinguish singers from females. As a rule the head of the male bird is broader than that of the female and flatter on the crown; the color is also more sharply defined and not so apt to be mealy. The body is generally more slender throughout and the color is deeper and brighter around the beak and eyes and over the head.