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Dwarf parrot

To many persons there are no birds so desir­able as these diminutive members of the parrot family, and it is a question as to whether they
should be properly classed as parrots or paro­puets.

They are the most lively and vivacious of the entire species, are constantly on the move, clambering over the cage, and they are as docile and friendly as a kitten. They quickly win the hearts of all by their intelligence, cute pranks, and loving ways. They are about seven or eight inches long, of prevailing bright green color, shading to a lighter tint on the breast.

While we have never had nor seen any of these birds which could talk, still we have heard of quite a number of them which had learned to talk, speaking long sentences with a clear, small, flute-like voice, and also singing, but it is said that they learn much more readily from a child's voice.

They enjoy taking a bath in water, and are very playful. While usually kept caged, still it is well to frequently give them a vacation, allowing them the freedom of the house.

They will eat almost anything; the best dliet, however, is hemp, canary, and millet seed, with sweet apple, banana or other ripe fruit. They should always be kept in pairs instead of being caged separately.