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Bird cold and influenza

Should your bird catch cold, put it in a warm place where the tempera­ture is about 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and if it seems weak it is a good plan to wrap the bird in a piece of flannel. This complaint is usually shown by sneezing, a watery discharge from the nostrils, changing to slimy yellow, and sometimes fever.

One of the best remedies we know of is to put ten drops of the homeopathic medicine called "aconite" in a glass of boiled water which has been allowed to cool, and every hour pour half a teaspoonful down the bird's throat.

Smear the beak and throat externally with olive oil, vaseline or calendula salve, which is really better than vaseline. The nostrils and beak may be cleansed with a feather dipped in salt water.