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Amazon parrot

These birds, which are natives of Brazil, Guy­ana and other portions of upper South America, are fruit eaters and are quite destructive to the orange plantations and cornfields. It takes high rank as a talker.

It is not quite as large as the double yellow head, has clear green body, throat is tinted with orange red, and it has brilliant markings of blue and yellow on the head. Some of the feathers have black margins. There is a bright red patch on the wings, usually surrounded by shades of blue, green, and yellow, which colors are only visible when the wings are expanded. It is more gaily colored than any other parrot except the Cuban.

They sometimes become excellent whistlers and are docile, hardy, and have a great variety of tones which adapt them well to sing­ing, as well as talking. These birds are usually trapped instead of being taken from the nest, and they are somewhat inclined to be noisy.